If it weren’t for the Cat’s Cradle this band wouldn’t exist.  Brian Risk (keyboards) has been working at the Cradle since 2001 and met Andrea (vocals) and Jonathan (guitar) there.  They brought their respective main squeezes Pete (drums) and Carol (bass) into the fold and we’ve been making sonic dreamscapes since Valentines day, 2009.  You may also recognize Andrea and Pete from their band Birds and Arrows.

For a band that comes from the Piedmont of North Carolina, our songs try to evoke the vastness of the mountains and the ocean.  The themes revolve around the randomness and imperfections of life and how, like with evolution, this can lead to beautiful results. We concentrate on melody before lyrics, arrangement before instrumentation.

Roll call:

  • Andrea Connolly – vocals
  • Pete Connolly – percussion
  • Carol Bales – bass
  • Jon D. – guitar
  • Brian Risk – keybaords
  • Josh Starmer – Cello

Check out the CD!

Our CD is out! Listen to the song samples on iTunes.


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