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Now this is happening

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Location scouting for photo shoot

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 | photos | No Comments

Famous person Wendy Spitzer of Felix Obelix is kindly offering to do some photos for us. We’ve found a good spot near Maple View Farms. Here are some of the pics for the day. (More at our flickr page.)


Writing at Anderson Park

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Working on a song and though I like it and enjoy singing it, it threatens to come out somewhat normal. Looking to add a little spice to this lamb.


We are Graveyard Fields

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It took some doing… naming a band is almost never easy.   What is original?  What is easy to remember?  What is easy to spell?  What is easy to pronounce?

When I found that was available it sealed the deal.  Graveyard Fields, the wilderness area off of the Blueridge Parkway, is one of my favorite places in the North Carolina Mountains.  It’s such a vast, open area in the normally crowded hills… there’s a mystic quality to it.

Check out the CD!

Our CD is out! Listen to the song samples on iTunes.


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