Apple’s Grand Music Innovation Opportunity

Friday, March 11th, 2011 | Uncategorized

GarageBand on iPad is the final piece in the puzzle.  It is the keystone in the arch.

I have enjoyed my iPad very much, but up until a few hours ago it was not a crucial to have for anything I created. GarageBand is not just a port of the desktop version — it brings functionality that is impossible for either laptops or desktops to offer and when you wrap this up in a very portable, very accessible and borderline magical device it becomes crucial.

GarageBand is now for more accessible, intuitive, soon to be in the hands of many, many more people and here is Apple’s opportunity: The share button.

Apple could be the the new Flickr for music.

Sharing, at the moment, is limited to sending the song to iTunes or emailing, but Apple, please, I beg of you, make a website that will allow one-tap publishing of these songs.


Picture it! You are a budding songwriter. You finish your new GarageBand song on your new iPad. You, along with at least 200 million other people, have an iTunes account already set up which means that you already have personal space and a user account carved out at the Apple music sharing site. TAP – there goes your song, in both AAC and GarageBand formats, up to the web. You’ve already set up your default copyright level to lean strongly to copyleft. Ping gets pinged that you just put up a song. Your friend sees this, taps on the link, listens to a preview of your song, taps on the GarageBand file and bingo bango it opens up on their iPad ready for future collaborations. Your friend publishes their remix and, because you opted for attribution in your flavor of Creative Commons license, bingo bango Apple has tracked this and automatically provides a link back to your original song on your buddy’s page.

Next thing you know, people are Pinging your song left and right and you think, “I’m ready for this to rock THE WHOLE WORLD.  (Kanye West style.)”  You sign up for a “publishers account” which is very similar in mechanism to an developer account and now you can release tracks for sale in a special section of the iTunes store.  (I’m guessing that Apple selling Beatles albums means this kind of thing is now possible.)

Please do this, Apple. I’m almost frothy at the thought of it. Call it what you want. Call it “Ping Create” or “GarageBand Accounts” or “iTunes Personal” or “” or whatever terrible name you end up thinking of. People will soon forget why they ever thought the name was terrible because of the gargantuan levels of awesome it will bring to their lives.

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